During the 5 months of the 2017/18 season, domestic pea exports increased by 77% to 475.1 thousand tonnes compared to the corresponding period of the previous season and have already exceeded the record 2016/17 MP of 467.5 thousand tonnes, Grain Trade reports.

In the current season, Ukraine has collected more than 1 million tons of peas, and its exports are estimated at 500-600 thousand tons.
In November 2017, exports of domestic peas seasonally declined, but still significantly ahead of previous years. According to the results of the month, exports of Ukrainian peas amounted to 22.6 thousand tons, which is 40% higher than the volume of exports in November 2016. India is the main buyer of Ukrainian peas, accounting for 41% of total grain exports. In the 5 months of the 2017/18 season, Ukraine sold 16% more peas in India than in the previous season. The volume of deliveries of peas to Turkey in comparison with the previous season increased by 64% and amounted to 101 thousand tons.

The purchase of Ukrainian peas and the EU countries, above all, of the Netherlands, has been intensified. In the 5 months of 2017/18, Ukraine delivered 69% more peas to the EU than in the previous season.

Source: Agropolit

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