Named the Top 6 European Importers of Ukrainian Berries and Fruits for 9 Months (January-September) 2017. About it reports the project U open EU.

According to U open EU, the top 6 European importers of Ukrainian fruits and berries include: Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and the United Kingdom.

According to the State Statistics Service, in the first 9 months of 2017, most Europeans imported:
Watermelons - 9 thousand 890 tons.
Drain - 4 thousand 709 t.
Apples - 1 thousand 846 t.

The infographic below also lists the groups of vegetables and goods that are shipped to the EU. Among them are blueberry, cherry, strawberry, pear apple, plum, apricot, grape and others.

Source: Agropolit

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