According to the results of last year, the balance of foreign trade in agrarian products re-mained positive and amounted to $ 13.6 billion. According to customs statistics, in 2017 the volume of foreign trade in agricultural products amounted to $ 22.2 billion, or increased by 14% compared to the previous year. At the same time, import volumes increased by 10% to $ 4.3 billion, exports - by 15%, to $ 17.9 billion.

The top three leaders of Ukrainian agrarian exports in 2017: sunflower oil (24% of total ex-port), corn (17%) and wheat (15%). Except for the specified goods, there are more goods that also belong to leading positions: soybeans, rape seeds, solid waste from the extraction of vegetable oils (cake, barley), barley, meat and poultry products, sugar and tobacco prod-ucts. In total, the share of export TOP-10 is 81% of the total value of Ukrainian exports for the past year.

The largest increase in exports in real terms was demonstrated by rape seeds (+2,1 times), sugar (+ 28,5%), sunflower oil (+ 18,9%), and cake and barley (+ 19,1%). In addition, last year Ukrainian exporters sold agrarian commodities in the world markets for higher price than in the past year. In particular, barley and poultry meat (by 5%), wheat and rape (by 4.6%), soybeans (by 2.8%), and tobacco (1.4%) became more expensive.

Frozen fish (7%) is on top of the rating of agrarian import. Also, the List of TOP-10 import items includes: tobacco raw materials, bananas, citrus, palm oil, ethyl alcohol and other bev-erages containing alcohol, coffee and tea extracts, animal food products, sunflower seeds, corn.


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