According to statistics from the State Statistics Service, more than $ 4.6 billion of agricultural production was imported into Ukraine in 2017. That was 9.5% more than in 2016, when agricultural input was about $ 4.2 billion.

This was informed by the Deputy Director of the "Institute of Agriculture" Mykola Pugachev.

According to him, the EU countries occupy the top position in the list of the main suppliers of agricultural production to Ukraine. Delivery costs from Europe increased from $ 1941 million in 2016 to $ 2274 million in the previous year. The share of European countries made up almost half of domestic agricultural imports - 48.9%.

Agricultural production has been exported to Ukraine from the following countries: Poland ($ 457 million), Germany ($ 445 million), Turkey ($ 301 million), France ($ 209 million), Іtaly ($ 198 million) USA ($ 194 million), the Netherlands ($ 176 million), Norway ($ 149 million) Spain ($ 128 million).

It should be noted that the product groups citrus fruits, bananas and nuts account for the largest share in the import to Ukraine in 2017 - $ 477 million - said the expert.


Source: Agronews

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