There is a huge demand for Ukrainian frogs and snails abroad. "They are not very popular, but very promising," says Ivan Shpak, the analyst of «Pro-Consulting». For the last 4 years the market for Ukrainian snails has grown by 100 times, as evidenced by the growth of exports.

The popularity of this type of business is attributable to the high added value, as well as to the fact that the breeding of a large number of snails requires small areas, said the expert. The annual consumption of snails in the world market exceeds 120 thousand tons, and the offer covers demand by only 60-70%. The most famous types of snails for breeding in Ukraine are Helikh and Akhatina. Breeding of snails begins with the purchase of a uterine herd, the average wholesale price of which is not less than 3-4 Еuros per kilogram. There should be at least 500 snails in the herd to obtain a stable breeding stock. Many manufacturers are advised to look for them in Poland, because there production of snails is at a more advanced level.

On the world market, France is the main importer and exporter (re-export) of snails. This market consumes about 60% of all snails in the world. For 2017-6 months In 2018, Lithuania accounted for over 80% of the total exports of Ukrainian snails, that is 87% of total production. In Lithuania, snails are being prepared for further processing and sale to the European market in the form of finished dishes or semi-finished products.

Concerning the price on the Ukrainian market, there is a significant difference between the export prices for live frozen snails and for ready-made snails from producers on the domestic market. The average export price was $ 1.1 per kilo, while the price for ready snail dishes could be 10-20 times higher. Frog meat also falls into the category of the unique delicacies. In Ukraine, frog legs are not popular and widespread products, they are sold mainly in fish shops, where also other delicious types of seafood and meat are presented.

Huge part of the demand for frog legs in Ukraine is satisfied with imported products. The production of Ukrainian manufacturers is represented by small farms, but the high level of consumption of frog legs in the EU countries, together with the reduction of the population around the world, revives the interest of Ukrainian entrepreneurs for opening of large frog farms today.

That is why European countries have the main demand for frog meat, as this product is considered a delicacy there. In the eastern countries (China, Vietnam and others), frog meat is sold in small and large supermarkets, along with other types of meat and fish, but the price is also high. In the eastern countries the average cost of fresh meat is 3.5-4 $ / kg. The price for frog legs in retail starts at $ 7 / kg, the average wholesale prices range from $ 5- $ / kg.

In Ukraine, frog meat is not very popular and is presented exclusively as a delicious product that is being served in restaurants of European or exotic cuisine. Therefore, producers cooperate with large grocery stores and restaurants in Ukraine, but mainly breed frogs for export. Due to the decrease of the population of frogs around the world, in particular in the largest producer countries (Indonesia, China and Vietnam), demand for Ukrainian frogs is increasing.

If we look at the geography of import of frog legs in Ukraine, it could be noticed, that 98% of the frozen product is imported from Indonesia, the other part of imported supplies - from France. Big amount frog legs is being imported from Indonesia, because of the low price at the same level of product quality. Indonesia exports 84% of frog legs to EU countries, their main consumers are Belgium, France and the Netherlands.


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