According to the results of 2018, the export of Ukrainian coriander (unground and unmilled) was 8.4 thousand tons, which allowed Ukraine to take sixth place in the world rating of exporting countries of this product.

In addition to Ukraine, the top 10 exporters of this product last year included India (37 thousand tonnes), Italy (14 thousand tonnes), Iran (14 thousand tonnes), Bulgaria (14 thousand tonnes), Syria (7 thousand tonnes), Argentina (7 thousand tonnes), Morocco (6 thousand tonnes) and Canada (3 thousand tonnes).

In January-June 2019, domestic exports of coriander (unground and unmilled) amounted to 3.9 thousand tons. The largest purchases of Ukrainian coriander were made by Indonesia (1.5 thousand tons worth 0.6 million dollars), Germany (0.2 thousand tons worth 0.3 million dollars), India (0.5 thousand tons) worth 0.2 million dollars) and the Netherlands (0.2 thousand tons worth 0.1 million dollars).

Source: Agronews

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