On April 2nd, at an extraordinary meeting of the Government, a resolution "On Amending Annex 1 to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree No. 1109 of December 24, 2019" was adopted, which prohibits exporting buckwheat to foreign markets until July 1st.

The resolution introduces a temporary regime - until 1.07.2020, the regime of licensing and quotas for the export of buckwheat and buckwheat grain (without shell). In particular, the quota amount for these goods has been set at zero (according to the codes according to UKTZED 1008 10 00 00 and 1104 29 17 00). Appendix 1 to Regulation 1109 “Quota volumes of goods subject to licensing in 2020” is amended accordingly.

The ban on buckwheat exports is a temporary measure necessary to protect the domestic market (recall that Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan have temporarily closed their buckwheat export borders).

Ukraine is negotiating with major producing countries to lift bans in order to maintain international food security and restore normal international trade conditions.

Source: Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine

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