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On 20th October 2016 the Export Training for Niche Food Producers and Processors took place during the exhibition Agroport (Kharkiv) in the 5th zone of the East Ukrainian Agriculture Forum.  More
20 жовтня 2016 р. під час виставки Agroport 2016 у м. Харків на зоні V Східноукраїнського аграрного форуму відбувся експортний тренінг для виробників та переробників нішевої аграрної продукції.  More
The International Integration and Cooperation Forum "InCoForum" with over 1500 participants took place in the exhibition hall "Kozak Palace" in Zaporizhya on 11th-12th October 2016. More
From underrated and unclaimed culture flax is gradually gaining weight nowadays and Ukrainian agricultural producers are among the biggest suppliers of flax seed and its processed products. More
According to the official information of the European Commission the export of the Ukrainian garlic to the EU was made on 13th October 2016. The total ammount of the supplied garlic was 49,2 tonnes.  More