One of the main tasks of our project is to inform small and medium enterprises about export issues to the EU. That's why the project's experts developed the Practical Guideline for the Agricultural Exporter to the EU. This Guideline is a kind of a guide into the world of export to the European countries.

Практичний довідник органічного експортера до ЄСConsidering the growing interest of customers, especially European ones, to organic products and the up-coming export volumes from Ukraine the experts of the project Agritrade Ukraine developed the Practical Guideline for Organic Exporter to the EU. And understanding of all the requirements of European legislation to the organic production allows Ukrainian producers to enter new European markets and to establish their positions on the markets.

The Guideline was presented in Nuremberg within the framework of the World Trade Fair for Organic Food BioFach 2017. It is the second publication among the line of guidelines planned by the project.

The print Guideline will be distributed during the trainings and informational events of the project. You can download the digital version on the official home page under "Our Activities/ Publications" for free.

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