The Agritrade Ukraine project conducted research into the value added tax of agri-food products and modeled several scenarios for its transformation. More
Given the rapid changes in the organic market, as well as the growing demand for organic products every year, the Agritrade Ukraine project in cooperation with Organic Standard prepared the second updated edition of the Practical Guideline for Organic Exporters to the EU. More
The results of the research "Trade between Ukraine and Germany: fruits, vegetables, nuts, organic products" were by Karen Fisher, a short-term expert of the Agritrade Ukraine project, were presented during the Forum at the International Fair Frutlogistica 2018. More
Agritrade Ukraine continues to work on improving access conditions for Ukrainian agricultural producers to the European markets. To this end, the project experts have developed a third edition of the guides, this time dedicated to the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). More
One of the main tasks of our project is to inform small and medium enterprises about export issues to the EU. That's why the project's experts developed the Practical Guideline for the Agricultural Exporter to the EU. This Guideline is a kind of a guide into the world of export to the European countries. More