Agritrade Ukraine continues to work on improving access conditions for Ukrainian agricultural producers to the European markets. To this end, the project experts have developed a third edition of the guides, this time dedicated to the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).


The activity of our project Agritrade Ukraine is aimed primarily at informing and encouraging Ukrainian enterprises to move in the European direction. After all, the EU is the largest trading partner of Ukraine, with a share of trade with more than 40% (in 2015).

Considering the fact that the Ministry of Agrarian Policy's Export Helpdesk is increasingly getting questions "How to find partners in the EU?" and "What instruments for agricultural SMEs are available" we've decided to explore the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in our new publication.

The Enterprise Europe Network is the largest international support network for small and medium-sized businesses in the world. It includes 3,000 experts, 600 member organizations in more than 60 countries.

The network helps prospective small and medium-sized enterprises to grow and develop internationally, and provides international business expertise on specific issues: partner search, advisory assistance and innovative support. This, in turn, will facilitate the development of enterprise activity and its entry into European markets, especially the German market, where it is small and medium-sized enterprises that form the basis of the country's economy.

The Enterprise Europe Network Guide is the third of a series of Guidelines that Agritrade Ukraine plans to develop within the project.

The printed version of the guide will be extended to our information and training activities.

The electronic version of the Guideline is available for free under the following link.

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