Given the rapid changes in the organic market, as well as the growing demand for organic products every year, the Agritrade Ukraine project in cooperation with Organic Standard prepared the second updated edition of the Practical Guideline for Organic Exporters to the EU.


Today, organic produce is becoming more popular among European consumers. At the same time, the volume of organic production in EU countries is lower than volume of consumption. That is why a largen amount of organic production is supplied to the EU markets from other countries.

Based on this, in 2016 we prepared the first edition of the Practical Guideline for the Organic Exporter to the EU, which outlined the main issues for organic exports to the EU. The information was intended, first and foremost, to give Ukrainian businesses a clear understanding of the requirements of European legislation in the field of organic produce in order to further enhance their own export potential and expand their presence in the European organic market.

Since then, Ukraine has significantly increased its volume of exported organic products (which was represented not only by raw materials, but also by semi-finished products and processed products) and thus became an important supplier of organics to the EU market.

That is why the next logical step for us was the creation of an updated second edition of the Organic Guideline, which would reflect changes and current data on requirements for organic products and their exports.

The second edition of the handbook was prepared by the Agritrade Ukraine project in cooperation with the Ukrainian organic certification body "Organic Standard" and supported by the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

Like the first edition, the printed version of the second edition will be distributed during the project events as well as among interested chambers of commerce and associations of Ukraine.

The electronic version of the Guidleine is available at the following link for free: Organic Guideline. 2nd Edition

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